dr. Laurențiu Țăndărică

Dr. Laurentiu Tandarica

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsuregery

Hi. I am Laurentiu.

I am a Romanian plastic surgeon with background plastic and aesthetic surgery training in Bucharest, Malaga, Sao Paulo and London, currently working on Harley Street, London, achieving some of the most natural-appearing outcomes. I created The Plastic Doctor in order to achieve a closer relationship with my patients and from my desire to share precious, unbiased information with you.

You Deserve to Look Stunning

My staff is a multidisciplinary team of professionals that works towards improving the physical and emotional well-being of patients through plastic and reconstructive surgery. Whatever cosmetic procedure you have in mind, the Laurentiu Tandarica team is ready to deliver. We understand how daunting surgery can be, and we support our patients every step of the way.

Comprehensive approach

I am passionate about helping my patients explore cosmetic procedures as a tool among others used to reinforce their beauty. From a narrower, surgical,  perspective, physical beauty is achieved by enhancing appealing components and masking the flaws. On a larger angle, this is just a piece of a larger painting involving nutrition, exercise, personal development, inner peace and mental health. I’m striving to expose the innate beauty and youthful appearance, rather than trying to fit a patient to a societal notion of the “correct” way to look.

The experience with patients from all continents allowed me to have tailored approaches to different ethnic patients, especially when performing facial and hair procedures to them.

The precious time to fully and closely understand my patients’ concerns, expectations, goals and dissatisfactions is a ground foundation on which stay my principles:

  • do no harm
  • create beauty
  • understand and be compassionate
  • look from different angles
  • give more than you take

Developing a genuine relationship with the people I work with is an absolute priority for success.